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BPSC 250 Seminar Series

Winter Series 2023

Presented In-Person & via Zoom

Virtual Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 992 6756 8292

Passcode: 823606

Wednesdays, 4:00 - 4:50 PM




Talk title


Jan 11

Michael Prigge, UCSD
(Project Scientist, Estelle Lab)

"Dissecting the auxin signaling pathway using forward genetics… now in Moss"

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman

Jan 18

Jason Gardiner, UCLA

(Project Scientist, Jacobsen Lab)

"Uncovering the Regulatory Mechanisms In Plants: Insights into how plants make developmental decisions and the targeted manipulation of epigenetic memory"

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman 

Jan 25

Israel Borokini,

Virtual seminar:

"Role of functional trait diversity on plant community assembly across scales"

Prof. Loralee Larios

Feb 1

Evan Angelos, UCR
(Postdoc, Dehesh Lab)

"Chloroplasts and the endoplasmic reticulum communicate through membrane lipid remodeling"

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman

Feb 8

Dr. Jaimie Van Norman

UC Riverside

"Which side are you on?

Investigating the function of polarized receptor kinases in root development"

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Dr. Jaimie Van Norman

Feb 15

Dr. Ina Pacheco

UC Riverside

(Postdoc, Atkinson/Walling Lab

"CRISPR-mediated gene editing in Homalodisca vitripennis for the genetic control of Pierce’s disease"

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman

Feb 22

Adeel Zafar, UCR
(Postdoc, Nabity Lab)

"Evolution of conserved motifs as plant-manipulating effectors in a galling insect"

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman

Mar 1

Patricio Perez-Henriquez, UCR
(Project Scientist, Yang/Van Norman Labs)

"Collaborative auxin signaling for pattern formation in embryonic leaves”

(in person seminar)

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman

Mar 8

Youra Hwang, UCR
(Postdoc, M. Chen Lab)

"How do plants turn green — Nucleus-to-plastid light signaling for initiating chloroplast biogenesis"

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman

Mar 15

Andrew Muroyama, UCSD

"Dynamic interplay between polarity and the cytoskeleton patterns the leaf surface"

Prof. Jaimie Van Norman

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