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BPSC 250 Seminar Series
Fall 2019
Genomics Auditorium
Wednesdays, 4:00 - 4:50 PM
Reception to follow seminar: 5-6 pm Genomics Courtyard/Lobby (except 10/30/19) Reception to follow seminar: 5-6 pm Batchelor Hall Lobby (10/30/19)





Faculty Host

Oct 2

Julia Bailey-Serres Sean Cutler
Katie Dehesh

Eric/Rodrigo (Mary Lu Arpaia’s lab)

Faculty Short talks *
Introducing the Plants3D NRT and Water-wise Crop Research

New tools for dynamically maximizing crop productivity

The evolution of stress responses

UCR's Avocado Variety Improvement Program: Bringing a Recent Domesticate Into the 21st Century

Loralee Larios

Oct 9

Dr. Art Whistler, Adjunct Faculty Dept. of Botany University of Hawaii

Polynesian Herbal Medicine

Janet Franklin

Oct 16

Jaimie Van Norman

Danielle Seymour

Larry Li Zhenbiao Yang

Faculty Short talks*

Polar localized kinases link root cell polarity and tissue patterning

Leveraging genomics to address challenges in citrus improvement

Ecological Complexity: Scaling from genomes to ecosystems


Loralee Larios

Oct 23

Dr. Luciana Alves, Assistant Researcher Institute of Environment & Sustainability



Lou Santiago

Oct 30

Glen Morrison (Litt Lab)

Wesley Neher (Springer Lab)

3rd Year Presentations TBA

Characterizing Mechanical Variables During Maize Ligule Development

Loralee Larios

Nov 6

Alex Plong (Gonehal Lab)

Dr. Chan Yul Yoo (Chen Lab)

3rd Year Presentations

Regulation of the WUSCHEL protein gradient in the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem

A nucleus-to-plastid light signaling mechanism for initiating chloroplast biogenesis

Loralee Larios

Nov 13

Ira Herniter (Close Lab; PLBL defense)

Genetic control of consumer-related traits in cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp.)

Tim Close

Nov 20

Dr. Samantha Ying, Assistant Professor Environmental Science, UCR

A story about the multi-scale carbon dynamics at an irrigated farm

Loralee Larios

Nov 27

No seminar (Thanksgiving Holiday)

Dec 4

First-year PLBL students