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BPSC 250 Seminar Series

Fall 2020

Virtual Seminars

Wednesdays, 4:00-4:50 PM

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Faculty Host

Oct 7

Yanran Li

Philippe Rolshausen

Milt McGiffen

Utilization of Yeast in the Elucidation of Plant Natural Product Chemistry 

The Rolshausen Lab Scope of Research 

Machine Learning of Crop Stress

Dan Koenig

Oct 14


Amy Litt

Sean Cutler 

Mary Lu

Dan Koenig 


Making sense of manzanitas

Dynamic control of plant phenotypes using engineered signaling modules 



Elucidating the principles of genome evolution 


Dan Koenig 

Oct 21

Israel Santana



Dariush Nejad 

3rd Year Talks

"Impact of Targeted Nanomaterials for Chloroplast Bioengineering on Leaf Cell and Molecular Biology of Arabidopsis thaliana"


"Exploring Phosphorylation as the Regulatory Mechanism in WUS Protein Gradient and Transcriptional Function for SAM Maintenance "

Oct 28 



Dr. Bryan Dewsbury (University of Rhode Island)


"The social context of teaching and learning-Race and economics matter"

Amy Litt  

Nov 4



Celia Xi


Alex Kettenburg


3rd Year Presentations 

"Identifying and Utilizing plant growth-promoting (PGP) microbes and novel management strategy, Citrus Undercover Production System (CUPS) to optimize citrus development under high HLB pressure"

"Phenotypic and molecular consequences of OsPSTOL1 ectopic expression in wheat"

Dan Koenig 

Nov 11


No seminar-Veterans Day 


Nov 18

Dr. Ben Blackman (UC Berkeley)


Dan Koenig 

Nov 25   No seminar- Thanksgiving Holiday   
Dec 2

David Stern  (Boyce Thompson Institute)

"Engineering Rubisco Using Transgenic Approaches in C4 Plants  Xuemei Chen
Dec 9   BPSC 200A seminars  Amy Litt  
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