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BPSC 250 Seminar Series

Fall 2021

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Wednesdays, 4:00 - 4:50 PM





Faculty Host

Sept 29

Faculty lightning talks

Venu Reddy; "Collective dynamics of stem cell regulation"

Dan Koenig; "Replaying the tape of genome evolution over the course of a century long experiment with Barley"

Darrel Jenerette

Oct 6

Dr. Eyal Fridman,

Volcani Institute

"Recombining genomes and alleles for zooming in on adaptive value of clock rhythmicity in barley"

Dan Koenig

Oct 13

Dr. Meghan Avolio,

Johns Hopkins University

"Plant community assembly in urban areas"

Darrel Jenerette

Oct 20

Dr. Sergey Nuzhdin,

University of Southern California

Ocean domestications: kelps and bivalves

Shizhong Xu

Oct 27

Dr. Leonie Schonbeck,

UC Riverside

"Drought effects on carbon and nutrient dynamics in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)"

Lou Santiago

Nov 3

Dr. Monica Palta

Pace University


Loralee Larios

Nov 10

Dr. Sue Rhee -

Carnegie Plant Biology

"Plant cell atlas initiative"

Juan Pablo Giraldo

Nov 17

Selena Burke, PLBL;


Darrel Jenerette

Nov 24


Thanksgiving Holiday


Dec 1

PLBL 200A Students





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