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BPSC 250 Seminar Series

Spring 2022

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Wednesdays, 4:00 - 4:50 PM



Talk title


March 30

Dr. Jason White

(Director of the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station)

Nanotechnology in agriculture: A path to sustainably achieve food security?

(Virtual seminar)

Prof. Juan Pablo Giraldo

April 6

Dr. Keith Miyake

(Assistant Professor, UC Riverside)

Jaguar and Migrant Entanglements along the US/Mexico Border

(Virtual seminar)

DEI Committee

(Chair Prof. Loralee Larios)

April 13

Dr. Santiago Velazco

(Postdoc, Franklin lab)

Quantifying the role of protected areas for safeguarding the uses of biodiversity (Fabaceae in Argentina)

(Virtual seminar)

Prof. Janet Franklin

April 20

Dr. Markita Landry

(Assistant Professor,  UC Berkeley)

Nanomaterials Enable Delivery of Genetic Material Without Transgene Integration in Mature Plants

(Virtual seminar)

Prof. Juan Pablo Giraldo

April 27

Dr. Daniel Rodriguez Leal

(Research Scientist, Syngenta)

“Trait Engineering using Genome Editing… A CRISPR tale for crop improvement!”

(Virtual seminar)

Dr. Syed Adeel Zafar (Postdoc Nabity lab)

May 4

Dr. Bruce Walsh

(Professor, University of Arizona)

Quantitative Genetics and the search for the missing heritability:  The long (and ongoing) search for the source of quantitative trait variance (and want it means for plant breeders)

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Shizhong Xu

May 11

Nora Flynn

Christian Bowman

(Ph.D. students, Third year talks)

Development of a single-plastid RNA-sequencing technology

Exploration of genetic diversity and associations between genotype and phenotype in Cynodon spp.

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Juan Pablo Giraldo

May 18

Dr. Elise Gornish

(Associate Specialist, University of Arizona)

 Making restoration better (Nothing in this presentation is true but it’s exactly how things are)

(Virtual seminar)

Prof. Loralee Larios

May 25

Dr. Rex Bernardo

(Professor, University of Minnesota)

Plant Breeding in Times of Change

Corteva Symposium

(Virtual seminar - Separate link/registration)

Ph.D. students

Taylor Beaulieu and Claire Whitaker

June 1

Dr. Sjors van der Horst

Dr. Jeoffrey George

(Postdocs Bailey-Serres Lab)

The Ribosome as a metabolite sensor

Biomolecular condensates and stress adaptation

(In person, Genomics auditorium)

Prof. Julia Bailey-Serres

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