students walking in Genomics building entryway, red art installation on wall  (c) UCR / CNAS

Research Facilities

exterior view of greenhouses (c) UCR / Stan Lim

Plant Growth Facilities

Our plant growth facilities include a large number of modern air-conditioned greenhouses, many with sophisticated filter-air systems, covering more than 75,602 assignable square feet. Several lathhouses for shaded outdoor plantings and an extensive screenhouse for insect-free culture are also available. Headhouse facilities include potting and service areas plus a large number of controlled environment growth chambers and temperature-controlled tanks for plant growth. Support personnel provide cultural care, pest management, and maintenance of the entire greenhouse facility. Extensive farmland is available as well, on campus and elsewhere. The Department has several shared Arabidopsis growth rooms totaling about 2,600 square feet of growth space and several small greenhouses designed for year-round Arabidopsis growth.

microscopes in laboratory (c) Ousa Chea unsplash

Instrumentation Facilities

Several instrumentation facilities provide instrumentation suites in microscopy and imaging, bioinformatics, proteomics, and DNA sequencing and molecular biology. The MetabolomicsBioinformatics and Proteomics Cores are directed by Academic Coordinators in the Center for Plant Cell Biology. The Core Instrumentation Facility, which provides DNA Sequencing Core and other molecular biology services, is managed by an Academic Coordinator in the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology.  Additional facilities include the Central Facility for Advanced Microscopy and Microanalysis (CFAMM) and the Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation Facility (ACIF).

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