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Supporting Botany & Plant Sciences


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Supporting Botany & Plant Sciences

When you give a gift to the Botany & Plant Sciences Department, you help secure the future of the Department and its students, who represent the future of the many specialties of plant biology. Your gift can help change the world and make it a better place for future generations. The future is in your hands. Donate today!



Your support of the following would be greatly appreciated:

Excellence in Botany & Plant Sciences

(Contact: Patricia Springer
This fund provides general support for the programs and activities of the department.

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Plant Biology Graduate Student Award Fund

(Contact: Patricia Springer) 
This fund provides support to graduate students in the Plant Biology Ph.D. and M.S. degree programs, including but not limited to stipends, fees and tuition for students who have demonstrated financial need.

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Botany & Plant Sciences Endowed Graduate Student Achievement Award  in Honor of Bill Thomson

(Contact: Patricia Springer). 
This award is an annual graduate student award in honor of W.W. Thomson. Criteria for this award are academic excellence and achievement in research.

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Botany & Plant Sciences Graduate Student Endowment 

(Contact: Patricia Springer)
This fund may be used for graduate students for achievement awards, travel grants, scholarly study grants, research grants, public service grants, and tuition stipends.

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Charles Coggins Jr. Endowed Scholarship

(Contact: Patricia Springer)
For the benefit and support of graduate students in CNAS who demonstrate academic excellence, quality research and benefit to the citrus industry.

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Arturo Gomez-Pompa Endowed Fund for Student Research on Plants and People

(Contact: Patricia Springer)
Student support for research and travel expenses, research costs, or invited lecturers in biological or social sciences.

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Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Fund

(Contact: T. L. Kahn)
This fund supports the preservation of the UCR citrus variety collection. This valuable resource for research and outreach is one of the most diverse collections of citrus and related genera in the United States.

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UCR Herbarium Fund

(Contact: Amy Litt)
This fund provides for the operation and maintenance the UCR Herbarium, which houses over 142,000 vascular plant and 13,685 lichen specimens from the United States, Mexico and other areas of the world.

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UCR Herbarium Endowment

(Contact: Amy Litt)
Supplies and equipment for special Herbarium projects are provided by this fund; current California projects include Flora of the San Bernardino Mountains and a Checklist of Western Riverside County.

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Plant Biology PhD Fellowship Fund

Provides support to Ph.D. students enrolled in the Plant Biology graduate program, including but not limited to stipends, fees, and tuition. 

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There are various ways you can immediately impact UCR Botany & Plant Sciences programs
and change a student’s life. TODAY, you can make:

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Please make all checks payable to the UC Riverside Foundation, Botany & Plant Sciences Department.

Mail to:

UCR Department of Botany & Plant Sciences
2150 Batchelor Hall
Riverside, Ca 92521

For additional ways to contribute, please contact:

Robyn Martinelli, Assistant Dean for Development
College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
0110C Hinderaker Hall
Riverside, Ca 92523

Phone: (951) 827-3067

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