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XuShizhong Xu

Professor of Genetics (Ph.D., 1989, Purdue University)
Office: 3134 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951)827-5898
Fax: (951) 827-4437
Email: xu@genetics.ucr.edu




My research interests are focused on three areas:

  • Classic quantitative genetics and plant breeding, including estimating genetic parameters, index selection and multistage selection for multiple trait genetic improvement.
  • Statistical methods for identifying genes controlling economically important traits in crops using DNA markers. We have developed a random model approach to gene mapping in outbred populations.
  • Model-based classification of microarray gene expression data.

Some Representative Publications:

Kopp, A., R. M. Graze, S. Xu, S. B. Carroll and S. V. Nuzhdin. 2003. Quantitative trait loci responsible for variation in sexually dimorphic traits in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 163: 771-787.

Xu, S. 2003. Estimating polygenic effects using markers of the entire genome. Genetics 163: 789-801.

Xu, C., X. He and S. Xu. 2003. Mapping quantitative trait loci underlying triploid endosperm traits in cereals. Heredity 90: 228-235.

Luo, L. and S. Xu. 2003. Mapping viability loci using molecular markers. Heredity 90: 459-467. Luo, L., Y. Mao and S. Xu. 2003. Correcting the bias in estimation of genetic variances contributed by individual QTL. Genetica 199: 107-113.

Yi, N., S. Xu and D. B. Allison. Bayeisan model choice and search strategies for mapping interacting quantitative trait loci. Genetics 165:867-883.

Yi, N., S. Xu, V. George and D. B. Allison. Mapping multiple quantitative trait loci for ordinal traits. Behavior Genetics Research 82:127-138.

Xu, S., N. Yi, D. Burke, A. Galecki, and R. A. Miller. An EM algorithm for mapping binary disease loci: Application to fibrosarcoma in a four-way cross mouse family. Genetical Research 34:3-14.

Xu, S. Theoretical basis of the Beavis effect. Genetics . Bioinformatics 20:1905-1913.

Qu, Y. and S. Xu. 2004. Supervised cluster analysis for microarray data based on multivariate Gaussian mixture. Bioinformatics 20:1905-1913

Zhang, Y. –M. and S. Xu. 2004. Mapping quantitative trait loci in F2 incorporating phenotypes of F3 progeny. Genetics 166:1981-1993

Mao, Y. and S. Xu. 2004. Mapping QTL for traits measured as percentage. Genetical Research 83:159-168

Beasley, T. M., D. Yang, N. Yi, D. C. Bullard, C. I. Amos, S. Xu and D. B. Allison. 2004. Joint tests for quantitative trait loci in experimental crosses. Genetics, Selection & Evolution 36:601-619.

Xu, C., Y. –M. Zhang and S. Xu. 2005. An EM algorithm for mapping quantitative resistance loci. Heredity 94:119-128.

In Press

Mao, Y. and S. Xu. 2004. A Monte Carlo algorithm for computing the IBD matrices using incomplete marker information. Heredity (in press)

Luo, L, Y. –M. Zhang and S. Xu. 2004. A quantitative genetics model for viability selection. Heredity (in press)

Xu, C., Z. Li and S. Xu. 2004. Joint mapping of quantitative trait loci for multiple binary characters. Genetics (in press)

Zhang, Y. –M., Y. Mao, C. Xie, H. Smith, L. Luo and S. Xu. 2005. Mapping QTL using naturally occurring genetic variance among commercial inbred lines of maize (Zea mays L.). Genetics (in press)

Hansen, C., N. Yi, Y. –M. Zhang, S. Xu, J. Gavora and H. H. Cheng. 2005. Identification of QTL for production traits in chickens. Animal Biotechnology (in press)

Current Lab Personnel and Projects:

Damian Gessler, Postdoctoral Research Associate. Population and Quantitative Genetics.

Nengjun Yi, Postdoctoral Research Associate. Quantitative Genetics.

Lori Weingartner, Ph.D student. Ethnobotony.

Lang Luo, Ph.D student. Quantitative Genetics.

Yi Qu, Ph.D student. Microarray data analysis.

Zhenyu Jia, Ph.D student. Microarray data analysis.

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