Department of Botany & Plant Sciences


WainesJ. Giles Waines

Director, Botanic Gardens, and Herbarium;
Professor of Genetics and Geneticist (Ph.D., 1969, University of California, Riverside)
Office: 2117 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951)827-3706
Fax: (951) 827-4437
Email: giles.waines@ucr.edu



Comparative root biomass, drought tolerance, nutrient-uptake and grain yield in wheat and rye/wheat translocation lines and the relevance of selecting for root characters for sustainable crop production. Comparative fertilizer uptake and fertilizer-use efficiency in near- isogenic lines for root biomass in wheat. Analysis of genetic variation in landrace and wild accessions of cereals and legumes. Gene flow in cereals and legumes. Integrated genetic map of loci controlling root characters in wheat. Comparative pollination biology of domesticated and wild Phaseolus beans and how this might have changed in domestication. Breeding of ornamental lilacs and salvias..

Some Representative Publications:

Ehdaie B, Waines JG. 2013. Stem reserves and grain growth in goatgrass Aegilops tauschii and wheat. Cereal Research Communications. (in press).

 Ehdaie B, Layne AP, Waines JG. 2012. Root system plasticity to drought influences grain yield in bread wheat. Euphytica 186:219-232.

 Sharma S, Xu S, Ehdaie B, Hoops AC, Close TJ, Lukaszewski AJ, Waines JG. 2011. Dissection of QTL effects for root traits using a chromosome arm-specific mapping population in bread wheat. Theoretical & Applied Genetics 122:759-769.

 Ehdaie B, Merhaut DJ, Ahmadian S, Hoops AC, Khuong T, Layne AJ, Waines JG. 2010. Root system size influences water-nutrient uptake and nitrate leaching potential in wheat. Journal Agronomy & Crop Science 196:455-466.

 Sharma S, DeMason DA, Ehdaie B, Lukaszewski AJ, Waines JG. 2010. Dosage effect of the short arm of chromosome 1 of rye on root morphology and anatomy in bread wheat. J. Experimental Botany 61:2623-2633.

 Blumler MA, Waines JG. 2009. On the potential for spring sowing in the ancient Near East. p.19-26. In: Fairburn A and Weiss E. (eds.) From Foragers to Farmers. Oxbow Books Oxford UK.

 Sharma S, Bhat PR, Ehdaie B, Close TJ, Lukaszewski AJ, Waines JG. 2009. Integrated genetic map and genetic analysis of a region associated with root traits on the short arm of rye chromosome 1 in bread wheat. Theoretical & Applied Genetics 119:783-793.

Ehdaie B, Waines JG. 2008. Larger root system increases water-nitrogen uptake and grain yield in bread wheat. In R. Appels ed. Proc. 11th. Int. Wheat Genet. Symp. Brisbane, Qld. Australia vol.2:659-661.

Ehdaie B, Alloush GA, Waines JG. 2008. Genotypic variation in linear rate of grain growth and contribution of stem reserves to grain yield in wheat. Field Crops Research 106:34-43.

Waines JG, Ehdaie B. 2007. Domestication and Crop Physiology: Roots of green-revolution wheat. Annals of Botany 100:991-998.


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