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LukasewskAdam J. Lukaszewski

Professor of Genetics (Ph.D., 1979, Polish Academy of Sciences/ D.Sc., 1998 Agricultural University, Warsaw)
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Meiotic chromosome pairing is one of the most fundamental biological processes. It provides not only for a regular disjunction of homologous chromosomes in anaphase I of meiosis, thus assuring production of gametes with balanced chromosome numbers, but also allows for recombination leading to the exchange of genetic information between the parental genomes and chromosomes. I am interested in the mechanisms responsible for chromosome pairing and recombination. Manipulation of at least some parameters of genetic recombination in agronomically important crops would allow the production of novel gene combination, or more efficient methods of producing desirable gene combinations. By creating special chromosome constructs and using genes affecting bread making properties of wheat as markers, we are trying to manipulate the distribution, frequency and stringency of crossing over. By manipulating the genetic system responsible for chromosome pairing, we induce crossing over between distantly related chromosomes and transfer genes for resistance to pests, diseases and environmental stresses from related species to wheat.


Meiosis with Labeled Parental Genomes 


Some Representative Publications:

(In Press)

Lukaszewski, A.J., D. Kopecky, G. Linc. 2012. Inversions of chromosome arms 4AL and 2BS in wheat invert the patterns of chiasma distribution. Chromosoma 121:201–208

 Lukaszewski, A.J., Kopecky, D. 2010. The Ph1 Locus from wheat controls meiotic chromosome pairing in autotetraploid rye ( Secale cereale L.).  Cytogenetic and Genome Research. 129:124-132. 
Lukaszewski, A.J. 2010. Behavior of centromeres in univalents and centric misdivision in wheat. Cytogenet Genome Res 129:97-109. Cytogenetic and Genome Research 129:97-109.

 Lukaszewski, A. Unexpected behavior of an inverted rye chromosome arm in wheat. Chromosoma 117:569–578

 Corredor, E., Lukaszewski, A.J., Pachón, P., Allen, Diana C., Naranjo, T. 2007. Terminal regions of wheat chromosomes select their pairing partners in meiosis. Genetics 177:609-706.     

 Bhat, P.R., Lukaszewski, A., Cui, X., Xu, J., Svensson, J.T., Wanamaker, S., Waines, J.G., Close, T.J. 2007.  Mapping translocation breakpoints using a wheat microarray. Nuclei Acid Res. 35:2936-2943.

 Lukaszewski, A.J. 2006.  Cytogenetically engineered rye chromosomes 1R to improve bread-making quality of hexaploid triticale. Crop Sci. 46:2183-2194. 
Dvorak, J., and A.J. Lukaszewski. 2000.  Centromere association is an unlikely mechanism by which the wheat Ph1 locus regulates metaphase I chromosome pairing between homoeologous chromosomes.  Chromosoma 109:410-414 
Lukaszewski, A.J. 1997. The development and meiotic behavior of asymmetrical isochromosomes in wheat.  Genetics 145:1155-1160 
Lukaszewski, A.J. and C.A. Curtis. 1993. Physical distribution of recombination in B-genome chromosomes of tetraploid wheat. Theor. Appl. Genet. 86:121-127

 Lukaszewski, A.J. 1997. Further manipulation by centric misdivision of the 1RS.1BL translocation in wheat.  Euphytica. 94:257-261.

 Lukaszewski, A.J. 1995. Chromatid and chromosome type breakage-fusion-bridge cycles in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Genetics 140: p.1069-1085.


Recent Teaching:

Botany and Plant Sci/Biology 155: Chromosomes; BPS 150: Genes, Selection and Populations; BPS 201N: Methods in Plant Biology, Cytogenetics

Botany and Plant Sci/Biology 155. Chromosomes, BPS 230: Cytogenetics Laboratory.

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