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JeneretteDarrel Jenerette

Professor of Landscape Ecology                       (Ph.D., 2004, Arizona State University)
Office: 3203 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951) 827-7113
Fax: (951) 827-4437
E-mail: Darrel.Jenerette@ucr.edu


For more information, please visit Darrel Jenerette's Laboratory Homepage.

Research Interests

  • Landscape Ecology
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Climate Change
  • Land Use Change
  • Sustainability

Some Representative Publications:

Jenerette GD, SL Harlan, W Stefanov, C Martin. 2011. Ecosystem services and urban heat riskscape moderation: Water, green spaces, and social inequality in Phoenix, USA. Ecological Applications 21:2637-2651

Chatterjee A and GD Jenerette. 2011. Spatial variability of soil metabolic rate along a dryland elevation gradient. Landscape Ecology 26:1111-1123

Jenerette GD and D Potere. 2010. Global analysis and simulation of land-use change associated with urbanization. Landscape Ecology 25:657-670

Jenerette GD and RL Scott, and AR Huete. 2010. Functional differences between summer and winter season rain assessed with MODIS derived phenology in a semiarid region. Journal of Vegetation Science 21:16-30

Jenerette, GD, RL Scott, and TE Huxman. 2008. Whole ecosystem metabolic pulses following precipitation events. Functional Ecology 22:924-930.

Jenerette, GD, SL Harlan, A Brazel, N Jones, L Larsen, and WL Stefanov. 2007. Regional relationships between surface temperature, vegetation, and human settlement in a rapidly urbanizing ecosystem. Landscape Ecology 22:353-365.

Jenerette, GD, J Wu, NB Grimm, D Hope. 2006. Points, patches, and regions: Scaling soil biogeochemical patterns in an urbanized arid ecosystem. Global Change Biology 12:1532-1544.

Jenerette, GD and L Larsen. 2006. A global perspective on changing sustainable urban water supplies. Global and Planetary Change 50:202-211.

Jenerette, GD and R Lal. 2005. Hydrologic sources of carbon cycling uncertainty throughout the terrestrial-aquatic continuum. Global Change Biology 11:1873-1882.

Jenerette, GD and J Wu. 2004. Interactions of ecosystem processes with spatial heterogeneity in the puzzle of nitrogen limitation. Oikos 107:273-282.

Jenerette, GD and J Wu. 2001. Analysis and simulation of land-use change in the central Arizona - Phoenix region, USA. Landscape Ecology 16:611-626.

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