Department of Botany & Plant Sciences


HoltJodie S. Holt

Professor of Plant Physiology (Emeriti)
(Ph.D., 1982, University of California, Davis)

Faculty office: 2133 Batchelor Hall
Faculty office phone: (951) 827-3801
E-mail: jodie.holt@ucr.edu

Research interests:

Population and physiological ecology of weedy and invasive plant species in wildlands and agricultural ecosystems and the application of that knowledge to management; selection and evolution of herbicide resistance in weeds.

Some Representative Publications:

Leak-Garcia, J.A., J.S. Holt, S. Kim, L. Mu, J.A. Mejias, and N.C. Ellstrand. 2012. More than multiple introductions: Multiple taxa contribute to the genesis of the invasive California's wild artichoke thistle. Journal of Systematics and Evolution (In pressĀ­).

Marushia, R.G., M.L. Brooks, and J.S. Holt. 2012. Phenology, growth, and fecundity as determinants of distribution in closely related non-native taxa. Invasive Plant Science and Management 5: 217-229.

Marushia, R.G., M.W. Cadotte, and J. S. Holt. 2010. Phenology as a basis for management of exotic annual plants in desert invasions. Journal of Applied Ecology 47: 1290-1299.

Quinn, L.D. and J.S. Holt. 2009. Restoration for resistance to invasion by giant reed (Arundo donax). Invasive Plant Science and Management 2: 279-291.

Baucom, R.S. and J.S. Holt. 2009. Weeds of agricultural importance: Bridging the gap between evolutionary ecology and crop and weed science. New Phytologist 184: 741-743.

Quinn, L.D. and J.S. Holt. 2008. Ecological correlates of invasion by Arundo donax in three southern California riparian habitats. Biological Invasions 10: 591-601.

Marushia, R.G. and J.S. Holt. 2008. Reproductive strategy of an invasive thistle: Effects of adults on seedling survival. Biological Invasions 10: 913-924.

Radosevich, S.R., J.S. Holt, and C.M. Ghersa. 2007. Ecology of Weeds and Invasive Plants: Relationship to Agriculture and Natural Resource Management. 3rd Edition. John Wiley and Sons. New York. 454 p.

Current Laboratory Personnel

Dr. Rana Tayyar, Staff Research Associate

Jacob Gray, Associate in the Experiment Station

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