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Assistant Professor of Plant Ecology
Office: 3118 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951) 827-5099
Fax: (951) 827-4437
Email: Jeffrey.diez@ucr.edu

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Research Interests:

My research is focused on understanding what controls the distributions of species and the composition of communities. These can seem like straight-forward questions but are ultimately really difficult due to the complexity of interacting processes and limitations of available theory and data. Questions about the processes underlying species distributions and community composition are foundational to ecology but have also become more challenging and more urgent in this era of rapid global changes. Climate change and unprecedented rates of species’ movement around the globe (biological invasions) are creating many “novel ecosystems”.  I’m trying to use these changes as natural experiments to understand ecosystems, while also building capacity to predict changes in the coming decades.  I use field experiments, greenhouse experiments, and statistical modeling that can test hypotheses and quantify processes at different spatial and temporal scales.


Representative Pub

Miller, A.L, J.M. Diez, J.J. Sullivan, S.R. Wangen, S.K. Wiser, R. Meffin, R.P. Duncan. Quantifying invasion resistance: the use of recruitment functions to control for propagule pressure. Ecology, online early.

 Ibañez, I., J.M. Diez, L.P. Miller, , J.D. Olden, C.J.B. Sorte, D.M. Blumenthal, B.A. Bradley, C.M. D´Antonio, J.S. Dukes, R.I. Early, E.D. Grosholz, J.J. Lawler. Integrated assessment of biological invasions. Ecological Applications, online early.

 Diez, J.M., T. James, M. McMunn, I. Ibañez. 2013. Predicting species-specific responses of fungi to climatic variation using historical records. Global Change Biology 19(10): 3145-3154. [pdf]

 Caplat P., P.O. Cheptou, J.M. Diez, A. Guisan, B.M.H. Larson, A.S. MacDougall, D.A. Peltzer, D.M. Richardson, K. Shea, M. van Kleunen, R. Zhang, and Y.M. Buckley. 2013. Species' movements in response to climate change: insights from invasions. Oikos 122(9):1265-1274. [pdf]

 Martín-Queller, E., J.M. Diez, I. Ibañez, S. Santiago. Effects of silviculture on tree species richness: interactions between management, landscape context and regional climate. 2013. Journal of Applied Ecology 50(3):775-785. [pdf]

 Sorte, C.J.B., I. Ibañez, D.M. Blumenthal, N.A. Molinari, L.P. Miller, E.D. Grosholz, J.M. Diez, C.M. D'Antonio, J.D. Olden, S.J. Jones, J.S. Dukes. Poised to prosper? A cross-system comparison of climate change effects on native and non-native species performance. 2013. Ecology Letters 16(2):261-270. [pdf]

 Diez, J.M., C.M. D'Antonio, J.S. Dukes, E.D. Grosholz, J.D. Olden, C.J.B. Sorte, D.M. Blumenthal, B.A. Bradley, R. Early, I. Ibañez, S.J. Jones, J.J. Lawler, L.P. Miller. 2012. Will Extreme Climatic Events Facilitate Biological Invasions? Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10(5):249-257. [pdf]

 Diez, J.M., I. Ibañez, A. Miller-Rushing, S. Mazer, T. Crimmins, M. Crimmins, D. Bertelsen, D. Inouye. 2012. Forecasting phenology across scales: the challenge and value of variability. Ecology Letters 15(6): 545-553. [pdf]

 Bradley, B.A., D.M. Blumenthal, R. Early, E.D. Grosholz, J.J. Lawler, L.P. Miller, C.J.B. Sorte, C.M. D'Antonio, Diez, J.M., J.S. Dukes, I. Ibañez, J.D. Olden. 2012. Global change, global trade, and the next wave of plant invasions. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10(1):20-28. [pdf]

 Ellwood, E., J. Diez, I. Ibañez, R. Primack, H. Higuchi, S. Don Lee, H. Kobori, J. Silander. 2012. Disentangling the paradox of insect phenology: are temporal trends reflecting the response to warming? Oecologia 168(4):1161-1171. [pdf]

 Diez, J.M., J.J. Sullivan, P.E. Hulme, R.P. Duncan. 2012. Using prior information to build probabilistic invasive species risk assessments. Biological Invasions 14(3):681-691.

 Diez, J.M., I.G. Giladi. Scale-dependence of habitat sources and sinks. 2011. Sources, Sinks, and Sustainability across Landscapes, peer-reviewed book edited by Jianguo Liu, Vanessa Hull, Anita Morzillo, & John Wiens.

 Diez, J.M., I. Dickie, G. Edwards, J.J. Sullivan, P.E. Hulme, R.P. Duncan. 2010. Negative soil feedbacks accumulate over time for non-native plants. Ecology Letters 13:803-809. [pdf]

 Romito, A.M., S.L. Eggert, J.M. Diez , J.B. Wallace. 2010. Effects of seasonality and resource limitation on the turnover of organic matter by Chironomidae (Diptera) in southern Appalachian headwater streams. Limnology & Oceanography 55(3): 1083-1092.

 Diez, J.M., H.L. Buckley, B. Case, M. Harsch, S. A. Scilago, S. Wangen, Duncan, R.P. 2009. Interacting effects of management and environment affect the occurrence and abundance of an invasive species at multiple spatial scales. Journal of Applied Ecology 46(6): 1210-1218. [pdf]

 Diez, J.M., R. Randall, P. Williams, J.J. Sullivan, P.E. Hulme, R.P. Duncan. 2009. Learning from failures: testing broad taxonomic patterns of plant naturalisation. Ecology Letters 12(11):1174-1183. [pdf]

 Duncan, R.P., J.M. Diez, J.J. Sullivan, S. Wangen, A. Miller. 2009. Safe sites, seed supply, and the recruitment function in plant populations. Ecology 90(8):2129-2138. [PDF]

 Diez, J.M., J.J. Sullivan, P.E. Hulme, G. Edwards, R.P. Duncan. 2008. Darwin's naturalization conundrum: dissecting taxonomic patterns of species invasions. Ecology Letters 11:674:681. [pdf]

 Diez, J.M. and H. R. Pulliam. 2007. Hierarchical Analysis of Species Distributions and Abundance Across Environmental Gradients. Ecology 88(12):3144-3152. [pdf]

 McMahon, S. M. and J.M. Diez. 2007. Scales of association: hierarchical linear models and the measurement of ecological systems. Ecology Letters 10(6):437-452. 

 Diez, J.M. 2007. Hierarchical patterns of symbiotic orchid germination linked to adult proximity and environmental gradients. Journal of Ecology 95:159-170. [pdf]

 Hille Ris Lambers, J., B. Aukema, J.M. Diez, M. Evans, and A. Latimer. 2006. Effects of global change on inflorescence production: a Bayesian hierarchical analysis. In J.S. Clark and A. Gelfand (eds). Adventures in Hierarchical Modeling of the Environment. [PDF]

 Rappole, J.H., D.I. King, and J.M. Diez, and J.Vega Rivera. 2005. Factors Affecting Population Size in Texas' Golden-cheeked Warbler. Endangered Species Update. 

 Rappole, J.H., D.I. King, and J.M. Diez. 2003. Winter versus breeding habitat limitation for an endangered avian migrant. Ecological Applications 13(3):735-742. 



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