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BairdJames Baird

Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist in Turfgrass Management and Assistant Turfgrass Horticulturist (Ph.D., 1993, Auburn University)
Office: 2137 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951) 827-5630
Fax: (951) 827-4437
E-mail: jbaird@ucr.edu


Research Interests:
Turfgrasses; improvement with emphasis on fescues, ryegrasses, bermudagrass, and kikuyugrass; water conservation; salinity management; pest management with emphasis on weeds and diseases.

Some Represented Publications:
Book Chapters

Book Chapters

Kopecky, D., Bartos, J., Lukaszewski, A.J., Baird, J.H., Cernoch, V., Kolliker, R., Sandve, S.R., Rognli, O.A., Blois, H., Caig, V., Dolezel, J., Kilian, A. 2010. DArTFest – a platform for high-throughput genome profiling within the Festuca-Lolium complex. Sustainable Use of Genetic Diversity in Forage and Turf Breeding. Editors: C. Huyghe. Springer Pub. Co., New York. p.443-448.


Articles in Refereed Journal

Schiavon, M., Green, R.L., Baird, J.H. Drought tolerance of cool-season turfgrasses in a Mediterranean climate. European Journal of Horticultural Science. In press.

Hoisington, N.R., Flessner, M.L., Schiavon, M., McElroy, J.S., Baird, J.H. Tolerance of bentgrass (Agrostis) species and cultivars to methiozolin. Weed Technology. In press.

Barnes, B.D., Kopecky, D., Lukaszewski, A.J., Baird, J.H. 2014. Evaluation of turf-type interspecific hybrids of meadow fescue with perennial rywgrass for improved stress tolerance. Crop Sci. Vol. 54: 1 p.355-365

Schiavon, M., Barnes, B.D., Shaw, D.A., Henry, J.M., Baird, J.H., 2013.  Strategies for converting tall fescue to warm-season turf in a Mediterranean climate.  HortTechnology. Vol. 23:4 p.442-448

Kopecky, D., Martis, M., Cihalíková, J., Hribová, E., Vrána, J., Bartos, J., Kopecká, J., Cattonaro, F., Stoces, S., Novák, P., Neumann, P., Macas, J., Šimková, H., Studer, B., Asp, T., Baird, J.H., Navrátil, P., Karafiátová, M., Kubaláková, M., Šafár, J., Mayer, K., Dolezel, J. 2013. Flow Sorting and Sequencing Meadow Fescue Chromosome 4F. Plant Physiology. Vol. 163: p.1323-1337.

Flessner, M.L., McElroy, J.S., Baird, J.H., Barnes, B.D. 2013. Utilizing Flumioxazin for Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua) Control in Bermudagrass Turf. Weed Technology. Vol. 27: 3 p.590-595.

Bondarenko, S., Gan, J., Ernst, F., Green, R.L., Baird, J.H., McCullough, M. 2012. Leaching of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in turfgrass soils during recycled water irrigation. Journal of Environmental Quality. Vol. 41: p.1268-1274.

Baird, J.H., Kopecky, D., Lukaszewski, A.J., Green, R.L., Bartos, J., Dolezel, J. 2012. Genetic Diversity of Turf-type Tall Fescue Using Diversity Arrays Technology. Crop Sci. Vol. 52: 1 p.408-412.

Baird, J.H., Green, R.L., Mitra, S., Plumb, R.V., Klein, G.J., Frelich, J.R. 2009. Response of hybrid bluegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and tall fescue to short-term drought and recovery in a Mediterranean climate. Int. Turfgrass Soc. Res. J. Vol. 11: p.1-7.

 Kopecky, D., Bartos, J., Lukaszewski, A.J., Baird, J.H., Cernoch, V., Kolliker, R., Rognli, O.A., Blois, H., Caig, V., Lubberstedt, T., Studer, B., Shaw, P., Dolezel, J., Kilian, A. 2009. Development and Mapping of DArT Markers Within the Festuca-Lolium Complex. BMC Genomics. Vol. 10: p.473-484.

Current Lab Members:

Fayek Negm, Ph.D., Assistant Specialist

Marco Schiavon, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar

Priti Saxena, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar

Tyler Mock, Ph.D. Candidate

Jonathan Montgomery, Ph.D. Student

Toan Khuong, Assistant Specialist

Jacob Gray, Laboratory Assistant

Andre Feo, Visiting International Student (Italy)

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