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GibeaultVictor A. Gibeault

Cooperative Extension Environmental Horticulture Specialist (Ph.D., 1970, Oregon State University)
Office: 4109 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951) 827-3575
Fax: (951) 827-5717
Email: victor.gibeault@ucr.edu


The position of Extension Environmental Horticulture Specialist (Turf) is directed toward assisting with the development and improvement of man's planned landscape. Applied research and educational programs have been conducted in coordination with Cooperative Extension Advisors, other Specialists and University of California personnel, and individuals/organizations primarily in the California turfgrass industry. Research and educational programs focus on the development and evaluation of new turfgrasses with emphasis on "low-input" turfgrasses. Turfgrass water requirements and water conservation opportunities have been studied.

The U.C. Riverside Turfgrass Program activities and publications can be viewed at http://ucrturf.ucr.edu

Some Representative Publications:

Cockerham, S.T., V.A. Gibeault and D.S. Silva. 2004. Establishing and Maintainint the Natural Turf Athletic Field. Pub.No. 21617. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. 56p.

Green, R.L., G:J.Klein, F. Merino, and V.Gibeault. 2004. Influence of Fall-applied Treatments on Spring Transition of an Overseeded Bermudagrass Green. HortScience 39(3):611-614.

Gibeault, V.A. 2004. Zoysiagrass for California.Calif. Fairways. 13(2):14-15 and Calif. Turfgrass Cult. 53(1-4): 1-2. (2003).

Gibeault, V.A., S.T.Cockerham, R. Autio, S.B.Ries. 2004. Enhancement of Zoysiagrass Winter Color with Fertilization. Calif. Fairways. 13(2):15-16 and Calif. Turfgrass Cult. 53(1-4):2-3.(2003).

Gibeault, V.A., S.T. Cockerham, R. Autio. 2004. Zoysiagrass Cultivar Performance. Calif. Fairways. 13(5):22-23 and Calif. Turfgrass Cult. 53(1-4):9-11. (2003).

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