The requirements for entry into the Plant Biology Ph.D. or M.S. Graduate Programs are listed below. Students may be accepted into the program without having completed all of the entrance requirements listed. In that case the missing classes (deficiencies) must be taken as soon as possible after the student begins course work at UCR.

The following courses offered at UCR, or their equivalent in content from another institution, are prerequisites for entry into the program.

  UCR Course Designations

1 year General Biology

Biology 5A, 5B, 5C

1 year General Chemistry

Chemistry 1A, 1B, 1C

1 course in Genetics

Biology 102

1 course in Calculus

Math 9A

1 course in Biochemistry

Biochemistry 100 or BCH 110A or BPSC 183

2 courses in General Physics and/or 

Physics 2A, 2
Statistics 100A or STAT 110

Either prior to entering the graduate program or before advancement to candidacy, Plant Biology students must have completed the equivalent of the following undergraduate level classes:

  1. BPSC 104 (Foundations in Plant Biology)

  2. one class from the core plant biology courses list below
    BIOL 107A (Molecular Biology)
    BPSC 132 (Plant Anatomy)
    BPSC 135  (Plant Cell Biology)
    BPSC 138 (Plant Developmental Morphology)
    BPSC 143 (Plant Physiology)
    BPSC 146 (Plant Ecology)
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