Department of Botany & Plant Sciences


HeathRobert L. Heath

Professor of Plant Physiology and Biophysics and Plant Physiologist and Biophysicist (Ph.D., 1967, University of California, Berkeley)
3208 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951) 827-5925
Fax: (951) 827-4437
Email: robert.heath@ucr.edu


Some Representative Publications:

Padgett, P. E., S. D. Parry, A. Bytnerowicz, and R. L. Heath. (in review) Image analysis of epicuticular damage caused by dry deposition of the air pollutant nitric acid. New Phytologist.

Mickelbart, M. V., R. Miller, S. Parry, M. L. Arpaia and R. Heath. 2001. Avocado leaf surface morphology. California Avocado Society 2000 Yearbook. 84: 139-150.

Heath, R. L. 1999. Biochemical processes in an ecosystem: how should they be measured? Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 116: 279-298.

Ceccardi, T. L., R. L. Heath, and I. P. Ting. 1995. Low-temperature exotherm measurement using infrared thermography. HortScience 30: 140-142.

Heath, R. L. 1994. Possible mechanism for the inhibition of photosynthesis by ozone. Photosyn. Res. 39: 439-451.

Guzy, M. R. and R. L. Heath. 1993. Responses to ozone in common bean varieties. New Phytol. 124: 617-625.

Guralnick, L. J., R. L. Heath, G. Goldstein, and I. P. Ting. 1992. Fluorescence quenching in the varied photosynthetic modes or Portulacaria afra (L.) Jacq. Plant Physiol. 99: 1309-1313.

Carroll, E. J., R. L. Heath, and K. Izuishi. 1990. Extreme toxicity of ethanol during activation of sea urchin eggs. Dev. Growth and Differ. 32: 557-561.

Current Laboratory Personnel and Projects:

Donna M. Dubay, Graduate Student.

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