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Congratulations to:

UC Riverside Geneticist Elected Home Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences

Timothy Close and Darleen DeMason for recognition by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

UC Riverside Geneticist Receives Highest Honor From Botanical Society of America

Carol Lovatt, Alan McHughen, & Eugene Nothnagel for recognition by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Julia Bailey-Serres for receiving the 2008 USDA NRI Discovery Award

Natasha Raikhel for receiving the 56th Annual Faculty Lecturer Award


UC Riverside Licenses Leading South African Company to Market ‘GEM’ Avocados

Fellowship to UC Riverside Botanist Encourages Hispanic Students to Take Up Research

 New Citrus Variety Released by UC Riverside is Very Sweet, Juicy and Low-seeded

UCR's Mikeal Roose & Timothy Williams on the tango mandarin and citrus varieties

Flood-tolerant Rice Plants Can Also Survive Drought, Say UC Riverside Scientists

UC Riverside Geneticist Elected Home Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences

Plant Scientists Move Closer to Making Any Crop Drought-tolerant

UC Riverside Botanist Receives Botanical Society of America's Highest Honor

UC Riverside Plant Cell Biologist Receives Top Scientific Honor

UC Riverside Plant Scientist's Research Ranked on Top Ten Breakthrough List for 2009

"Avatar" Botanist to Discuss Her Experience Working on James Cameron's Film

National Academy Member Joins University of California, Riverside Faculty

UC Riverside Plant Scientist's Spawns New Discoveries Showing How Crops Survive Drought

UC Riverside Researchers Develop Genetic Map for Cowpea, Accelerating Development of New Varieties 

Turf Scientists on a quest to invent a superlawn

Riverside Research on Barley Genome gets $1million grant from USDA

UC Riverside Releases New Citrus Variety

Professor Natasha Raikhel on Genomics Building


Plant Discovery Day at UCR -May 23rd

CDVR International Symposium- March 27 & 28

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