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Research activity is in two primary areas, though other work is conducted. The first area is defining irrigation requirements of turfgrasses and studying methods leading to increased irrigation water efficiency and conservation. These methods include plant selection and modifications to irrigation and turfgrass management practices.

The second area of research activity is involved in annual bluegrass putting green management. Previous work has involved 1) summer cultivation and soil salinity control and 2) beginning to understand nitrogen, potassium, and iron fertility requirements in terms of turfgrass performance and clipping tissue nutrient levels.

Dr. Green also has been closely involved in the University of California Turfgrass Research Advisory Committee (UCRTRAC) and the UCR Turf Website (http://ucrturf.ucr.edu). Selected Publications:

Green, R.L. 2005. Trends in golf course water use and regulation (web). pdf

Yang, W.C., J. Gan, W.P. Liu, and R.L. Green. 2005. Degradation of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in landscape soils. J. Environ. Qual. 34:336-341.

Green, R.L., G.J. Klein, F. Merino, and V.A. Gibeault. 2004. Influence of fall-applied treatments on spring transition of an overseeded bermudagrass green. HortScience 39611-614.

Wu, L., G. Liu, M.V. Yates, R.L. Green, P. Pacheco, J. Gan, and S.R. Yates. 2002. Environmental fate of metalaxyl and chlorothalonil applied on a bentgrass putting green under southern California climatic conditions. Pest Manage. Sci. 58335-342.

Klein, G.J. and R.L. Green. 2002. A survey of professional turfgrass managers in southern California concerning their use of turfgrass best management practices. HortTechnology 12498-504.

Wu, L., R.L. Green, G. Liu, M.V. Yates, P. Pacheco, J. Gan, and S.R. Yates. 2002. Partitioning and persistence of trichlorofon and chlorpyrifos in a creeping bentgrass putting green. J. Environ. Qual. 31889-895.

Richie, W.E., R.L. Green, G.J. Klein, and J.S. Hartin. 2002. Tall fescue performance is influenced by irrigation scheduling, cultivar, and mowing height. Crop Sci. 422011-2017.

Green, R.L., L. Wu, and G.J. Klein. 2001. Summer cultivation increases field infiltration rates of water and reduces soil electrical conductivity on annual bluegrass golf greens. HortScience 36776-779.

Richie, W.E., R.L. Green, and F.J. Merino. 2001. Trinexapac-ethyl does not increase total nonstructural carbohydrate content of leaves, crowns, and roots of tall fescue. HortScience 36772-775.

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