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Video Bioinformatics IGERT (NSF)

The Video Bioinformatics program is currently accepting applications. Faculty from thirteen different departments participate in this program. Dr. Bahnu, ihe Director of the NSF IGERT, describes the training of the IGERT graduate students as follows: “Life sciences students will gain an understanding of the engineering principles involved in imaging, video processing, analysis, data mining, and databases. Engineering students will learn biological imaging techniques, design of experiments and modeling of phenomena, and they will gain a finer appreciation for the biological community’s needs. These Ph.D. students will be pioneers with cross-disciplinary capability needed to solve societal problems in the 21st century.”


While the ChemGen IGERT is no longer accepting applications, IGERT students are completing their Dissertation project. Furthermore, many IGERT faculty continue to incorporate chemical genetics strategies into their research program providing students with research opportunities in this forefront research discipline. Explore and meet our faculty and students.


All Ph.D. students admitted to our program are supported by research assistantships, scholarships, teaching assistantships, fellowships, or (for foreign students) by grants from other countries or international agencies. The Graduate Division of UCR offers several fellowships and other grants to students. Many Plant Biology PhD students have been awarded prestigious competitive fellowships from the National Science Foundation (Graduate Student Fellowship Program), Ford Foundation, USDA, EPA, or other agencies. Applications to some of these programs can be initiated prior to joining the UCR Plant Biology program. Go to the NSF, USDA, EPA Star, Ford Foundation or contact the Graduate Advisor for Continuing Students for further information. The student in the Plant Biology Graduate Program have been very successful in these endeavors.

For detailed information visit UCR Graduate Division Fellowship Information.

Funding for MS students is uncommon. Some international MS students find their own support. A small number of MS students are supported by graduate student research assistantships from their major professors.

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